JR-1552 5C2C柔版商标印刷机

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To accomplish the label image with strong washing fastness, we proudly present JR-1500 series Flexo Printing Machine. The printing mechanism of this series is that ink will be evenly spread-out on the ink rollers at first from the ink rollers, the ink transfers to the priling cylinder, then, the flexo photopolymer plate willcollect the ink and press directly on the surface of the materials, finally the label will go through the dryingprocess to complete the whole printing procedures. The printed label can reach the result of higher strongwashing fastness by heating inside the 101 Automatic Temperature Controlled Oven between 3-8 hours.

The outstanding characteristics of this series are: strong colorfastness to wash and polish, perfect colourregistration,stability and reliability, simple in adjusting the printing length just by switching the differentprinting cylinders.

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